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Certainly positives to build on! The negatives are that they have lost Glory Johnson in the naturalized slot who was such a powerhouse at both ends of the floor and the margin of the loss disguised just how dominant Sweden actually were. The positive is that their most difficult fixture on paper is now out of the way. It was a no-show from the hosts after the break and they were beaten by 14 points and that margin gives them a mountain to climb even at just Especially since Netherlands got off the mark and look dangerous. Only Sabine Oroszova performed well and deserves credit.

Hitched: Volume Two (Imperfect Love, #2) by Kendall Ryan

Had the Czech Republic not sunk a buzzer-beater, Romania would have followed up their opening day triumph against Denmark with a stunning road win. So much so, you could argue Great Britain have blown their prospects of making Final Round in just one window.

Assuming Poland don't beat Belarus, it means Chema Buceta and his team must now win in Minsk and win huge if they want to top the group. Their basket difference took a hammering as they were outclassed and outplayed in Manchester. It was a tough way to end an otherwise amazing calendar year. To their credit, they had the Slovenian side under some real pressure and seriously sweating, but ultimately, a loss is a loss.

FIBA Women's EuroBasket 2021 Qualifiers Power Rankings, Volume 2

There are disunion and strife continually among them; they are not united upon false principles, and wherever false principles exist in the world, or anywhere else, there will be discord and contentions, and hence he Jesus says "Be one? And so you see your middle standing betwixt them and us more ways than one. How much more, then, considering how many witnesses the Lord hath raised up, which, having finished their testimony against the apostacy and usurpation of the man of sin, some in one degree and some in another, have been killed by the beast, some of old and others of late times. I think it has never been published, but probably it will be in the Church History. Fekade has had 5 collections of poems published in Amharic, a book on famine poetry, 2 books on folklore and numerous articles about Ethiopian literature. Looking at the subject in this light, there is no longer any mystery in the Scripture that says the Father is in the Son, and the Son in the Father, for they are always one, working together to accomplish the great work of redemption. More particularly, the apostle, Rom.

Jacki Gemelos was there to make sure all the veteran experience from the past was not lost completely. Plus, Pinelopi Pavlopoulou was exceptional. That was a painful start for new head coach Martins Gulbis and with Germany showing their intent and capabilities in this Group, it looks complicated. Even with Elina Dikaioulaku and Kristine Vitola providing class in the backcourt and frontcourt, Latvia need to step it up next November and they will start with a must-win contest in Germany which looks seriously huge for them and could be a deal-maker or breaker.

The debut of the teenage ace was headline news, but if you take care and attention to the sub-plot, the massive win against Albania will be discounted in the final shake-up in this group. It will all be about the results against Serbia and Turkey. So, the fact that they were swamped by Turkey in their only truly meaningful game, means this window was a big miss. That margin of defeat could be their eventual downfall.


Getting a winning start against North Macedonia was straightforward, and while they went down in Croatia, they will surely be confident of continuing to improve and getting revenge in the home match-up. Plus, they will also maybe think about being able to push Latvia hard in both games. Satou Sabally was brilliant and with Marie Guelich, plus players in the pipeline, this team could be going places in coming years. One game, feet up and job done!

They produced what was arguably the biggest upset of the window by not only beating Hungary who finished in the Top 8 at Final Round this past summer , but they did it convincingly with a success. Emese Hof was excellent and gave them a real presence in the paint, while respect to Karin Kuijt for her 12 points and 10 assists. A great platform to build on for the Dutch and opportunity knocks loudly! However, with a tricky derby against Slovakia to play, you have to give props that they responded and wiped up the mess by taking a big and critical victory.

You do wonder if that Netherlands loss could haunt them when these Qualifiers are in the books, but seriously, it could have been even worse.

They were always underdogs versus Belgium, but were nowhere near getting a win. Certainly not like in years gone by when they have sometimes pushed Spain close in the Qualifiers. They at least recovered with a win at home to Portugal.

As ever, some things are constant - such as Alina Iagupova leading all their main statistical categories! Okay, they did not have two wins, but Serbia away and Lithuania at home was a big challenge. Getting Quanitra Hollingsworth back on the floor was critical and they almost got a win on Serbian soil and they recovered from defeat with a big and impressive win against Lithuania. Coach Yildizoglu has admitted they are a team in transition, so on balance, a successful window.

The fans also gave the legendary Birsel Vardarli Demirmen an amazing reception as the retired star was subject of a special presentation. So, they are one of the biggest fallers in our rankings. They were outplayed by Czech Republic at home and even against newcomers Denmark on the road, they looked nervous and not convincing, before a late surge got them past their opponents. An underwhelming start for Coach Capobianco in his second spell. They will have to sit and stew about this for 12 months - and figure out their lack of size and rebounding presence. Those 'Twin Towers' were pivotal in a super and well deserved road win in Italy which was an excellent start.

To be at this stage gives them a great advantage and opportunity to advance. They look the real deal with this duo, although it remains fragile because if one gets into foul trouble or is absent and unavailable, they will be vulnerable as a team. Nevertheless, a dream start to their campaign and bid to make history by qualifying for the first time.

They were absolutely brilliant against Great Britain as one of the nations who only stepped out once in this window. They not only won, but did so emphatically. In fact it was arguably the best basketball display of the whole window. Any fears about he death of the Belarus NT were greatly exaggerated.

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Anastasiya Verameyenka showed she is continuing and was as brilliant as ever, making the Top Performers with a super display. Maryia Papova was also excellent too. You could even argue that after just 40 minutes of basketball, Belarus have one foot in Final Round with such a huge victory under their belts! They blew out Latvia in Riga, prior to that epic against Germany when they had to come from behind. You also have to give credit they were without their two of their biggest hitters in Marija Rezan and Antonija Sandric.

However, with Ivana Dojkic on fire and great support from Ana-Marija Begic and Iva Slonsjak, Croatia can be proud of the great job they have done so far - and probably wish they didn't have to wait 12 months until the next window. That is why only a modest fall for Russia. If they win at Bosnia and Herzegovina, which they are more than capable of doing, they should still win this group. Jonequel Jones and Marcia Gajic will be a handful, but Russia were missing Raisa Musina and had a chance to win the game with the last possession.

They showed their teeth again by strolling past Estonia. They hammered Israel on the road and beat Montenegro comfortably, to take early control of the group. Elin Eldebrink, who said she would go through fire for her team recently, has been particularly impressed. Swedish basketball and the fans also paid tribute to the retiring Anna Barthold, who has been an exemplary and magnificent warrior for her country. The former is the promise of an artless infinity purchased at the cost of structure; the latter is the promise of a unity purchased at the cost of death.

The claim to be giving up literature has a long tradition within literature. In the first poem in his first collection, Spenser says farewell to poetry: hello, I must be going. The gesture is conventional — Spenser got the idea from Virgil. And the claim to be destroying art has been a staple of avant-garde art since at least the First World War: the role of the painter is to abolish painting, and so on. Here is Evan Hughes in the New Republic :.

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Before I left, Knausgaard told me something unexpected. In interviews, Knausgaard has insisted that he meant what he wrote in the last line of his series: that he is through writing novels. But he told me he is working on a new one. The prizefighter comes out of retirement again and again.

Jay-Z returns to the studio three years after The Black Album , a record organised around his vow to record no more songs.

Here we must reckon with the long shadow cast across the volumes by the title. Having only read the books that have appeared in English, I remain agnostic about the tremendous gamble of the title. It makes the question of how the book will end inseparable from the question of fascism and its disastrous attempts to bring coherence to what it perceives as chaos. The problem of form rising from formlessness, of how to bring order to the undifferentiated mass of experience, and the relation of that problem to death: this is the problem with which My Struggle began.

2 Hours of Celtic Music by Adrian von Ziegler - Part 1

But then, with very little explicit transition, Knausgaard moves from these relatively impersonal meditations to the first of his childhood memories. The young Karl Ove is watching news footage of the sea off the north coast of Norway where the previous night a fishing boat sank and its crew of seven drowned:. I am sitting alone watching, it is some time in spring, I suppose, for my father is working in the garden. I stare at the surface of the sea without listening to what the reporter says, and suddenly the outline of a face emerges. Several pages later, when the face fails to reappear during the rebroadcast of the news, and when he hears his father laughing at his childishness, he feels his own identity beginning to dissolve:.

The force of the sudden shame was the sole feeling from my childhood that could measure in intensity against that of terror, next to sudden fury, of course, and common to all three was the sense that I myself was being erased. Knausgaard catalogues the particulars he did not see as a way of restoring, in memory, the self that dissolved along with the phantom face. And then Knausgaard moves thirty years into the future, into the present tense of writing, and describes his own visage reflected vaguely in the window before him, as if in dark water.

It is the face of the man-child as he embarks on My Struggle : a work of genius, a fictional farewell to literature. Log In Register for Online Access. Differences break down when everything seems equally worthy of differentiation: After she had put out a bowl and a spoon for me, and I had poured milk over the golden, somewhat perforated, irregularly formed flakes, I came to the conclusion that cornflakes were best when they were crispy, before the milk had soaked into them. Or was it?