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This book is unlike any other poetry collection I've read. As a teenage reader, I honestly didn't relate to Wynona Stone which may have affected the way I rated this book and my overall enjoyment of the story. This book lacks in a plot and really only focuses on the development of the protagonist from an odd child to her adulthood.

It does depict loneliness and longing as well as emotions felt in a relationship and that overall journey. I wasn't really a fan, I was never hooked, and I This book is unlike any other poetry collection I've read. I wasn't really a fan, I was never hooked, and I had to force myself to keep reading. However, I don't believe it was the author's fault entirely, rather I'm just not a fan of this genre of poetry.

It's very slow-paced. I enjoyed the writing style most in this book.

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The rhymes were very witty and I loved the author's use of the meter. The author gave the protagonist a very strong voice which was very unique.

Wynona Stone is definitely a character that you won't see everyday. With that being said, she is not so remarkable that she will likely be remembered.

That's just my opinion. Also, I never really see punctuation in poetry, but I'm not sure if the author had a reason for it in this case. Nonetheless, it was refreshing. I didn't really enjoy this book to be blunt, I wasn't a fan of most of the poems, but there were a few I did enjoy. The cons are the pacing and lack of plot.

Overall, I rated this collection 2 stars. Dec 11, Joe rated it liked it. Three and a half stars. Split into three sections and varying poetic forms, this poetry collection traces the persona of Wynona Stone from adolescence to somewhere in her fifties in the town of Pleasant Bluff. Mar 17, Matt rated it liked it. I wanted to like this collection of linked poems, a biography of sorts of modern day everywoman Wynona Stone, more than I actually did.

It's a fun project, to follow Wynona and her family as she grows from an odd child to one who gets walloped by adult life. But the best poems, the deepest, richest, and most humane all occur in the books first section, especially those with her relationship with her adult coach, which I take as the "reason" Wynona can't sustain adult relationships. The poems doc I wanted to like this collection of linked poems, a biography of sorts of modern day everywoman Wynona Stone, more than I actually did.

The poems documenting that part of Wynona's life balance the blithe rhymes of the book with more awkward, uncontainable subject matter. The rest of the book, then, lacks anything of similar gravity. The rhymes and forms of these poems are funny, but in a distancing way, where the emjambment makes Wynona's life a spectacle of rushed syllables.

It felt too managed for me, like a life as topiary.

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Dec 28, Dana Jerman rated it liked it. These poems are extremely technically accomplished and well thought out, but they are toys. Kitschy and cute and even the dirty things about them are clean and convenient.

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