Investing in Solar Power: A concise guide to the technologies and companies for investors

Homeowner’s Guide to Going Solar
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It is used primarily in very large power plants and is not appropriate for residential use. This technology uses mirrors to reflect and concentrate sunlight onto receivers that collect solar energy and convert it to heat, which can then be used to produce electricity. Learn more about how CSP works.


Investing in Solar Power: A concise guide to the technologies and companies for investors eBook: Nick Hanna: Kindle Store. Investing In Solar Power: A concise guide to the technologies and companies for investors. by Nick Hanna. Publisher: Harriman House. Release Date: January.

Solar panels are built to work in all climates, but in some cases, rooftops may not be suitable for solar systems due to age or tree cover. If there are trees near your home that create excessive shade on your roof, rooftop panels may not be the most ideal option. The size, shape, and slope of your roof are also important factors to consider. Typically, solar panels perform best on south-facing roofs with a slope between 15 and 40 degrees, though other roofs may be suitable too. You should also consider the age of your roof and how long until it will need replacement.

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Community solar allows multiple people to benefit from a single, shared solar array that can be installed on- or off-site. Costs associated with purchasing and installing a solar energy system are divided among all of the participants, who are able to buy into the shared system at a level that best fits their budget.

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Learn more about community solar. Those interested in community solar can take advantage of a tool from awardee EnergySage. In addition to those resources, an internet search can help you find local companies that install solar panels. These programs work by allowing groups of homeowners to work together to collectively negotiate rates, select an installer, and create additional community interest in solar through a limited-time offer to join the campaign.

Ultimately, as the number of residents who participate in the program increase, the cost of the installations will decrease.

Right now, the best way to install solar is through a qualified professional who holds a certification to do so and works with high-quality solar panels. In the future, though, you will likely be able to install solar yourself. This is still in development — until it is available at your local home improvement store, you should work with a certified solar installer. It estimates the energy production and cost of energy of grid-connected PV energy systems for any address in the world. These tools are great for getting started, but make sure to work with a solar installer for a custom estimate of how much power your solar energy system is likely to generate.

The amount of money you can save with solar depends upon how much electricity you consume, the size of your solar energy system, if you choose to buy or lease your system, and how much power it is able to generate given the direction your roof faces and how much sunlight hits it. Your savings also depend on the electricity rates set by your utility and how much the utility will compensate you for the excess solar energy you send back to the grid.

It should also be noted that energy efficiency upgrades complement solar energy economically. Consumers have different financial options to select from when deciding to go solar. In general, a purchased solar system can be installed at a lower total cost than system installed using a solar loan, lease, or power purchase agreement PPA. If you prefer to buy your solar energy system, solar loans can lower the up-front costs of the system.

In most cases, monthly loan payments are smaller than a typical energy bill, which will help you save money from the start. Solar loans function the same way as home improvement loans, and some jurisdictions will offer subsidized solar energy loans with below-market interest rates, making solar even more affordable. Buying a solar energy system makes you eligible for the Solar Investment Tax Credit, or ITC, which is a 30 percent federal tax credit on your system that is available through Learn more about the ITC. Solar leases and PPAs allow consumers to host solar energy systems that are owned by solar companies and purchase back the electricity generated.

Consumers enter into agreements that allow them to have lower electricity bills without monthly loan payments. In many cases, that means putting no money down to go solar.

Renewable Energy Poses a Serious Threat to Human Rights — But It Doesn’t Have To

Learn more about the ITC. The Small and Medium Enterprise Agency manages the program, and funds are contributed by various ministries involved in areas such as energy, information and communications technologies, and bio and medical sciences. The National Institutes of Health announced Dec. Army has committed to cutting fuel consumption by 20 percent in the next 10 to 15 years. Several other countries and regions have large national institutions employing thousands of scientists and engineers devoted to applied research. Capturing the value of U. Spread over acres near the airport, PIIT will the first in Mexico to integrate the laboratories in an array of technologies by leading universities, foreign and domestic corporations, small-business incubators, and national laboratories at a single site.

Solar leases entail fixed monthly payments that are calculated using the estimated amount of electricity the system will produce. With a solar PPA, consumers agree to purchase the power generated by the system at a set price per kilowatt-hour of electricity produced. Navigating the landscape of solar financing can be difficult. The Clean Energy States Alliance released a guide to help homeowners understand their options, explaining the advantages and disadvantages of each. Download the guide. As the name implies, it attempts to replicate the process through which fuels are created in nature via a combination of sunlight, carbon dioxide and water.

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