Im Tal der Schmetterlinge: Roman (German Edition)

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I wish I could do this with my boyfriend. This is really awesome. Being one of the first to read and comment, also awesome! It makes me even more excited to see my boyfriend tomorrow. This is so sweet. Synonyms and antonyms of Mussehe in the German dictionary of synonyms. Examples of use in the German literature, quotes and news about Mussehe.

Reiz der, -e - Kraft, die anziehend wirkt oder Interesse Jo Glotz-Kastanis, Doris Tippmann, Gail Anderson-Dargatz, Solange die Kinder noch zu Hause waren merkte ich das nicht so stark, aber nach dem Moment als alle drei weg waren und das Haus Gustav Muthmann, Unsere Ehe war von altem Schrot und Korn — eine Mussehe. Our small and medium-sized enterprises deserve it.

And we need to work within the Stability and Growth Pact. Where investment and reforms are needed, we should make sure they can be done. We should make use of all the flexibility allowed in the rules. We are proud of our economy. We want to make it stronger. But there is also a clear and simple logic. In our social market economy we must reconcile the market with the social. And I will stand for fair taxes — whether for brick-and-mortar industries or for digital business. When the tech giants are making huge profits in Europe, this is fine because we are an open market and we like competition.

But if they are making these profits by benefiting from our education system, our skilled workers, our infrastructure and our social security, if this is so, it is not acceptable that they make profits but barely pay any taxes because they are playing our tax system. If they want to benefit they have to share the burden. Honourable Members, the European way is also about using all of our potential: our people, our talent, our diversity.

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It is about creating a fairer and more equal Union. This will drive me forward every single day I am in office — as it has throughout my career. We have come a long way since I was a minister for family affairs and had to fight to introduce parental pay or access to childcare for families. But the fight for fairness never stops. It is still too difficult for hard-working families to make ends meet in Europe. I want to ensure that work pays. Of course, I am aware there are different models, but we have to create the framework.

And I want better protection for those who lose their jobs when our economy takes a severe hit.


A European Unemployment Reinsurance Scheme will support our economies and our people in times of external shocks. Of course, there are national unemployment insurance systems, but the Reinsurance Scheme for those heavy external shocks is needed in Europe. I also want more equality and fairness for our young people. We cannot accept this.

Young people have aspirations — they want to work, they want to have a future — and it is our job to let them achieve this. We have to care for the most vulnerable: our children. We have to fight poverty. I know, as a mother of seven, that it makes a difference for their entire life if children have access to education, sports, music, healthy food — and a loving environment. We need a Child Guarantee to help ensure that every child in Europe at risk of poverty and social exclusion has access to the most basic of rights, like healthcare and education.

It will empower them and it pays tremendously if we back them when they are young. This is part of my action plan to bring our Pillar of Social Rights to life. And I will start at home by example: I will ensure full gender equality in my College of Commissioners. If Member States do not propose enough female Commissioners, I will not hesitate to ask for new names.

Only 35 were women. We represent half of our population. We want our fair share. We also need to talk openly about violence against women.

I will propose to add violence against women to the list of EU crimes defined in the Treaty, and the European Union should join the Istanbul Convention. I am convinced: if we close the gaps between us, we will emerge stronger as a Union.


The cradle of our European civilisation is Greek philosophy and Roman law. And our European continent went through its darkest period when we were ruled by dictators and the rule of law was banished. For centuries, Europeans fought so hard for their liberty and independence. The rule of law is our best tool to defend these freedoms and to protect the most vulnerable in our Union.

Das Tal der Schmetterlinge / The Valley of the Butterflies - Rhodes

That is why there can be no compromise when it comes to respecting the rule of law. There never will be. I will ensure that we use our full and comprehensive toolbox at European level.

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And to be clear: the new instrument is not an alternative to the existing instruments, but an additional one. The Commission will always be an independent guardian of the Treaties. Lady Justice is blind — she will defend the rule of law wherever it is attacked. Honourable Members, the rule of law is universal.

It applies to all. At sea, there is the duty to save lives …. The European Union can and must defend these values. The European Union needs humane borders. We must save, but saving alone is not enough.

Synonyms and antonyms of Mussehe in the German dictionary of synonyms

Er fihlte wieder Mut und HoKnunn. The one that mattered most in the European elections was climate change and I welcome her practical approach to that. Imperatives are formed like this: Hor zu! Noun Declension II For the endings of the masculine and neuter genitive singular, the same rules apply as ,. This content was uploaded by our users and we assume good faith they have the permission to share this book. He has no sisters. At the same time, we need to involve, India, Japan, Canada, Australia, much more in our focus, because they are defenders of multilateralism and they share our values.

We must reduce irregular migration and we must fight smugglers and traffickers: it is organised crime. We must preserve the right to asylum and improve the situation of refugees: for example, through humanitarian corridors in close cooperation with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees. We need both empathy and decisive action.