Enuma Elish The Epic Of Creation

Genesis 1 and a Babylonian Creation Story
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ENUMA ELISH - The Epic Of Creation

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Religion and Humanity in Mesopotamian Myth and Epic

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The Babylonian Epic of Creation

These young gods, however, were extremely loud, troubling the sleep of Apsu at night and distracting him from his work by day. Let there be lamentation, and let us lie down again in peace. She recited a charm, keeps casting her spell, While the gods of battle sharpen their weapons. Tiamat and Marduk advance toward one another and Tiamat opens her horrible maw to its full extent to devour Maduk. Marduk obeys and Anshar, seeing the hero, is instantly calmed. Instead, it seems to be an addition to the first creation, taking up slightly before its end, with some altering at the point of transition.

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Walmart Services. Get to Know Us. Customer Service. Whoever sees this thing receives the shock of death, for when they heave those b odies up over the sides they never turn them back. In the Hall of the Synod the ancestral voices were heard, they sat down to the banquet, they ate the feast, they drank the new-drawn liquor and the tubes through which they sucked dripped with intoxicating wine.

Their souls expanded, their bodies grew heavy and drowsy; and this was the state of the gods when they settled the fate of Marduk. They set up a throne for Amrduk and he sat down facing his forefathers to receive the government. Where there is action the first to act, where there is government the first to govern; to glorify some, to humiliate some, that is the gift of the god, Truth absolute, unbounded will; which god dares question it?

In their beautiful places a place is kept for you, Marduk, our avenger. When you sit down in the Synod you are the arbiter; in the battle your weapon crushes the enemy. Speak again, again it will appear. Again he spoke and it appeared again. Slit life from Tiamat, and may the winds carry her blood to the world's secret ends. He netted a net, a snare for Tiamat; the winds from their quarters held it, south wind, north, east wind, west, and no part of Tiamat could escape.

With the net, the gift of Anu, held close to his side, he himself raised up IMHULLU the atrocious wind, the tempest, the whirlwind, the hurricane, the wind of four and the wind of seven, the tumid wind worst of all. All seven winds were created and released to savage the guts of Tiamat, they towered behind him.

He mounted the storm, his terrible chariot, reins hitched to the side, yoked four in hand the appalling team, sharp poisoned teeth, the Killer, the Pitiless, Trampler, Haste, they knew arts of plunder, skills of murder. He took his route towards the rising sound of Tiamat's rage, and all the gods besides, the fathers of the gods pressed in around him, and the lord approached Tiamat. He surveyed her scanning the Deep, he sounded the plan of Kingu her consort; but so soon as Kingu sees him he falters, flusters, and the friendly gods who filled the ranks beside him- when they saw the brave hero, their eyes suddenly blurred, But Tiamat without turning her neck roared, spitting defiance from bitter lips, 'Upstart, do you think yourself too great?

Are they scurrying now from their holes to yours? Mother of all, why did you have to mother war?

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You gave him the rank, not his by right, of Anu. You have abused the gods my ancestors, in bitter malevolence you threaten Anshar, the king of all the gods.

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Stand up alone and we will fight it you, you and I alone in battle. Then they met: Marduk, that cleverest of gods, and Tiamat grappled alone in singled fight. The lord shot his net to entangle Tiamat, and the pursuing tumid wind, Imhullu, came from behind and beat in her face. When the mouth gaped open to suck him down he drove Imhullu in, so that the mouth would not shut but wind raged through her belly; her c arcass blown up, tumescent,.

She gaped- And now he shot the arrow that split the belly, that pierced the gut and cut the womb. Now that the Lord had conquered Tiamat he ended her life, he flung her down and straddled the carcass; the leader was killed, Tiamat was dead her rout was shattered, her band dispersed. Those gods who had marched beside her now quaked in terror, and to save their own lives, if they could, they turned their backs on danger But they were surrounded, held in a tight circle, and there was no way out.

He smashed their weapons and tossed them into the net; they found themselves inside the snare, they wept in holes and hid in corners suffering the wrath of god. When they resisted he put in chains the eleven monsters, Tiamat's unholy brood, and all their murderous armament. The demoniac band that has marched in front of her he trampled in the ground; But Kingu the usurper, he chief of them, he bound and made death's god.

He took the Tables of Fate, usurped without right, and sealed them with his seal to wear on his own breast.


When it was accomplished, the adversary vanquished, the haughty enemy humiliated; when the triumph of Anshar was accomplished on the enemy, and the will of Nudimmud was fulfilled, the n brave Marduk tightened the ropes of the prisoners. He turned back to where Tiamat lay bound, he straddled the legs and smashed her skull for the mace was merciless , he severed the arteries and the blood streamed down the north wind to the unknown ends of the world.

When the gods saw all this they laughed out loud, and they sent him presents. They sent him their thankful tributes. The lord rested; he gazed at the huge body, pondering how to use it, what to create from the dead carcass. He split it apart like a cockle-shell; with the upper half he constructed the arc of sky, he pulled down the bar and set a watch on the waters, so t hey should never escape.

He crossed the sky to survey the infinite distance; he station himself above apsu, that apsu built by Nudimmud over the old abyss which now he surveyed, measuring out and marking in. He stretched the immensity of the firmament, he made Esharra, the Great Palace, to be its earthly image, and Anu and Enlil and Ea had each their right stations. He projected positions for the Great Gods conspicuous in the sky, he gave them a starry aspect as constellations; he measure the year, gave it a beginning and an end, and to each month of the twelve three rising stars. When he had marked the limits of the year, he gave them Nebiru, the pole of the universe, to hold their course, that never erring they should not stray through the sky.

For the seasons of Ea and Enlil he drew the parallel.

Essay on The Epic Of Creation And Enuma Elish

Through her ribs he opened gates in the east and west, and gave them strong bolts on the right and left; and high in the belly of Tiamat he set the zenith. He gave the moon the luster of a jewel, he gave him all the night, to mark off days, to watch by night each month the circle of a waxing waning light. He gave him the Eastern Gate, and the ends of the night with the day, he gave to Shamash. Then Marduk considered Tiamat. He skimmed spume from the bitter sea, heaped up the clouds, spindrift of wet and wind and cooling rain, the spittle of Tiamat.

With his own hands from the steaming mist he spread the clouds. He pressed hard down the head of water, heaping mountains over it, opening springs to flow: Euphrates and Tigris rose from her eyes, but he closed the nostrils and held back their springhead. He piled huge mountains on her paps and through them drove water-holes to channel the deep sources; and high overhead he arched her tail, locked-in to the wheel of heaven; the pit was under his feet, between was the crotch, the sky's fulcrum.

Now the eart h had foundations and the sky its mantle. When god's work was done, when he had fashioned it all and finished, then on earth he founded temples and made them over to Ea; But the Temples of destiny taken from Kingu he returned as a first greeting to Anu; and those gods who hung up their weapons defeated, whom he had scattered, now fettered, he drove into his presence, the father of the gods. With the weapons of war broken, he bound to his foot the eleven, Tiamat's monstrous creation.

He made likenesses of them all and now they stand at the gate of the abyss, the Apsu Gate; he said, 'This is for recollection for Tiamat shall not be forgotten. King Anshar made him welcome with ceremony, Anu and Enlil came carrying presents; but when his mother Damkina sent her present, then he glowed, an incandescence lit his face.

go site He gave to her servant Usmu, who brought the greeting, charge of the secret house of Apsu; he made him warden of the sanctuaries of Eridu. All the heavenly gods were there, all the Igigi fell prostrate in front of him, all that were there of the Anunnaki kissed his feet. The whole order came in together to worship. They stood in front of him, low they bowed and they shouted 'He is king indeed!

He bathed and put on clean robes, for he was their king A glory was round his head; in his right hand he held the mace of war, in his left grasped the scepter of peace, the bow was slung on his back; he held the net, and his glory touched the abyss He mounted the throne raised up in the temple. Damkina and Ea and all the Great Gods, all the Igigi shouted, 'In time past Marduk meant only "the beloved son" but now he is king indeed, this is so! This is his name, in him we trust.

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This is what he said, 'In the former time you inhabited the void above the abyss, but I have made Earth as the mirror of Heaven, I have consolidated the soil for the foundations, and there I will build my city, my beloved home. When you come up from the deep to join the Synod you will find lodging and sleep by night. The masters of all crafts shall build it according to my plan. Over all this earth that you have made, who is to sit in judgment? Let the fallen gods day after day serve us; and as we enforce your will let no one else usurp our office.

We invoked him once for very life, he who is the lord, the blaze of light, the scepter of peace and of war the mace. Now that Marduk has heard what it is the gods are saying, he is moved with desire to create a work of consummate art. He told Ea the deep thought in his heart.