Dancing With Angels and Other Short Stories

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It is the second episode in a three-part arc. Cordelia finds herself appointed ruling princess of Pylea by an order of priests and ordered to mate with a human-like creature called the Groosalugg , while Angel seeks to help Lorne the Host bond with his estranged family, which takes a turn when Angel saves a runaway human slave , named Winifred "Fred" Burkle , the same L.

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Also, Wesley and Gunn manage to escape from the castle only to end up as captives of human Pylean rebels plotting to overthrow the monarchy. Angel, Wesley, and Gunn are shocked to see Cordelia has been crowned princess of Pylea.

She jokingly demands their heads be cut off, but quickly restates herself. After she dismisses the guards, Cordelia recounts how she became princess due to her visions. Lorne confirms his people have been waiting for one cursed with the sight that will save them all. Lorne takes Angel to his family's house, where Lorne's cousin Landok identifies Angel as a hero. Angel, who is made the special guest of their upcoming village feast, tells stories to the people of Pylea while Lorne is ignored.

Landok offers Angel the honor of "swinging the crebbil in the Bach-nal," and Angel agrees to take part - before he learns it means beheading a human so the people of Pylea can feast on it. The two are able to make an escape when Lorne begins to sing, causing severe pain to the Pyleans.

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While perusing the castle library, Wesley discovers "the cursed one" will have to perform something called a "com-shuk" with a Groosalugg. He considers asking the priests to translate the book, until he realizes it is part of a trilogy marked with three animals - wolf, ram and hart - linking the priests to the evil law firm back in Los Angeles.

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Silas, one of the priests, arrives to inform Cordelia that the Groosalugg has been summoned and that the "com-shuk" is a mating ritual. Wesley, Gunn, and Cordelia try to escape through a sewer tunnel, but Cordelia is caught by the priests and dragged back to her throne. Heavily guarded, Cordelia worries about mating with the demon, until Silas introduces the Groosalugg, who is a handsome and muscular young male.

Fred leads Angel to a cave where she has been staying for a long while. Fred talks nervously as she crazily scribbles on the cave walls. Angel finds Fred's driver's license and realizes she is the girl from Cordy's vision. She doesn't believe him when he tells her of her life in LA and how she got to Pylea because it's been so long, she's doesn't want to believe.

During the Dance

Title: Dancing With Angels Item Condition: used item in a very good condition. Will be clean, not Dancing with Dasein and Other Stories by Morganstern, Mark​. In this wonderfully eclectic mix of deliciously intriguing short stories the reader will be transported to a myriad of settings, both ordinary and exotic, in which.

Angel is attacked by guards as he tries to lead Fred to the castle, and when he tries to shift into his vampire face, instead he becomes pure demon and brutally rips through the guard's body with his super-sized teeth. The other runs and Angel takes off as well, leaving Fred frightened and alone. Wesley and Gunn wander lost, until the demon Angel attacks them.


It takes a while before Wesley can recognize Angel's tattoo. A short distance away, Fred coats her hand in blood and is able to lure Angel away from his friends with the smell. Demon Angel sees his reflection in water at Fred's cave and is suddenly motivated to switch back to human form.


Gunn and Wesley are surrounded and tied up by rebels who want to send a message to the castle. After spending several years trying to sell his story to publishers with no success, Stern self-published his work and sent it to friends as a page Christmas card in As they tend to do in Hollywood, things fell through and the project languished before acclaimed director Frank Capra came on board in and named Jimmy Stewart as his leading man in the role of suicidal do-gooder, George Bailey.

Donna Reed, an actress who went on to become the ultimate upper-middle-class TV housewife, ultimately secured the role. And get this: Out of the films released in it was technically released on Dec. In , the nearly year-old film was deemed "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant" by the Library of Congress. Photo: The Real Bedford Falls.

In fact, Seneca Falls has an entire website, The Real Bedford Falls , dedicated to pointing out the numerous similitudes between the two towns.