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What is it about Yotam Ottolenghi? Every year dozens of British cookbooks are published in the US, but rarely do they make much of a splash. And yet when the Israel-born London chef's cookbook Plenty showed up stateside, it was a sensation. Who knew Americans would go bonkers for a book about vegetables? But go bonkers they did. Maybe it's Plenty's Mediterranean take on fresh produce. Maybe it's a much-needed burst of color in the pantheon of vegetarian cookbooks. Whatever it is, it was enough to propel Ottolenghi's next book, Jerusalem , into instant-hit status and to spawn a sequel to the first book, Plenty More.

Suddenly, American home cooks were sprinkling fresh herbs and pomegranate seeds on their food with abandon, and you couldn't throw a rock without hitting a restaurant that served shakshuka , an egg dish featured in multiple Ottolenghi cookbooks. Whatever magic Ottolenghi's working, we hope he keeps it up. But when it comes to Hazan, we can't get enough. Before Hazan, Italian food in American was all red sauce and meatballs the size of your fist.

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It was Hazan who introduced Americans to the idea of pairing pasta shape with sauces, encouraged using seasonal produce in Italian cooking, and started the craze for balsamic vinegar. And then there's the tomato sauce. Described by more than one editor at Epicurious as a "magic trick," Hazan's four ingredient sauce is bewitchingly simple and incredibly addictive. This is a recipe so famous it could almost earn a spot on this list by itself—but thankfully, we have a whole body of Hazan's work to appreciate. When we set out to write this list, we knew we wanted to include a chef book.

There's so much home cooks can learn from chef and restaurant books , even if they never end up using the recipes. It's not hard to argue that David Chang and Momofuku have had more influence on American food in this nascent century than any other entity, and it's visible in Momofuku.

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Smith, Frederick M. Hugh-Jones, Stephen Perhaps this is what you were told at your last doctor's appointment or visit with a nutritionist, or perhaps it is something you read online when searching for a healthy diet. Erika must dig deep, stay focused and find the killer. Shamanism is based on the premise that the visible world is pervaded by invisible forces or spirits which affect the lives of the living. But we think that sometimes, home cooks know best. Print your own French flag to colour in.

Recipes that seemed novel when it was published in now seem commonplace. We have David Chang to thank for America's ramen-mania, for example. We also wanted to include a book with show-off recipes. The Joy of Cooking is great for when you need to know how to make meatloaf, say, but every once in awhile you really want to throw down and make an impressive meal. That is when we reach for Momofuku.

There are also remarkably easy recipes here: a whole section on quick pickles, for example, or a riff on a caprese salad made of cherry tomatoes, silken tofu, and shiso leaves, a type of Japanese herb. In other words, Momofuku is the ultimate chef book: excellent writing about a supremely talented and influential chef, and recipes for almost any skill level. It's a pretty remarkable document. Published in , the late chef Judy Rodgers spent years writing these pages, almost unheard of in a world of ghostwriters and PR-driven restaurant cookbooks.

The result is a book that's a cornerstone of how many people cook today.

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Rodgers advocates market-driven cooking, but with a heavy emphasis on technique. Her mantra?

Like Marcella Hazan, Judy Rodgers is also responsible for one of the cookbook world's great, famed recipes: the Zuni Cafe roast chicken. This dish is still served at Rodgers' San Francisco restaurant, but the dense, five-page recipe itself is legendary for its meticulousness.

It's very technique-driven and very exact, but it's one of those fantastic recipes that results in a bird that's possibly the platonic ideal of roast chicken something that's pretty perfect to begin with. There are any number of international cuisines we could have featured here in addition to Julia Child and Marcella Hazan.

But ultimately, we felt that you cannot talk about American cooking without talking about Mexican cooking. The recipes are not complex, but they are authentic: a launchpad to master before you head into further exploration, more complicated techniques, and harder-to-find ingredients. This is also a great example of a book that explains why everything is done how it is done.

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Bayless discusses the cultural positioning of each dish this one is eaten at street fairs, that one is made for big family Sunday suppers and explains why the food is prepared the way it is. He also provides notes for American cooks; Mexico One Plate at a Time was written in , so you should have better access to Mexican ingredients these days.

Still, it's nice to know that you should avoid dried epazote and opt for fresh, or how to swap ancho chiles for guajillo and vice versa. Southern Junior League cookbooks from the 's. Orange Country synagogue spiral bounds from the 's. Iowa prairie journals from the Twenties.

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Simply put, American food is nothing without community cookbooks, and no American home cookbook library is complete without one. These books are a celebration of the hyperlocal: Is Cajun food your thing? Grab a booklet from Lafayette, Louisiana. Have religious dietary restrictions? Dig into your church's library.

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